Jurnee was born in Tuscon, AZ and by age two, found herself throwing talent shows and performing for her family. She continued to develop her talent throughout her adolescent life, taking her first big step at ten years old performing in a school musical. Jurnee credits this experience as the start of her desire to audition for future parts. Having grown up watching “American Idol” with her mother, Jurnee decided to audition for the show in Savannah, Georgia in 2017, in large part to inspire others by coming out as a lesbian and being her authentic self. The ability to do so while chasing her dreams is in itself a dream come true. A defining moment for Jurnee was when her wife Ashley first saw her perform live on stage, during her performance of “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman.”

Having succeeded in landing in the Top 7 of Season 1 of “American Idol” on ABC, Jurnee hopes to chase some of her other dreams including performing at Coachella as a proud lesbian artist and winning a Grammy®. However, her dreams don't stop with music. In the future, Jurnee wants to remain active with charities, both pre-existing and ones that she hopes to create in support of the troops, the LGBTQ community, and animals in need. Influenced by culture, colors, movies, and life itself, Jurnee draws from the world and is excited to explore and experience new places and local treats around the country this summer.